The LM Association

Board Meetings

An invitation to join your neighbors and friends at our Board of Directors monthly meetings to foster community spirit, and open communication to address issues and concerns.
Second Wednesdays at 7pm at the Clubhouse.


Architectural The Architectural Committee of the the Lushmeadows Association, according to the CC&Rs, Article X, is to visit all contruction sites for: compliance with Residential structure standards, negotiation of variances, temporary living quarters and friendly contacts with owners and builders.
Audit The Audit Committee does a yearly audit of all financial records.
Budget Prepares Annual Budget 
Fire Safe Council The Fire Safe Council of Mariposa County works in a partnership with residents, property owners, businesses, and agencies to reduce our vulnerability to the threat of wildfire.
Governing Documents Shall review the By-Laws of the Association each year. Shall edit and/or correlate amendments recommended by the Board of Directors. May originate amendments or addendum’s and make recommendations to the Board of Directors where pertinent.  If you have suggestions on corrections or additions please one of the Directors. 
Gate Keys Gate Keys allow entrance to Dawn Lake, Mallard Lake, and the Clubhouse. There is a $25 lossed key replacement fee.
Lakes & Grounds Don Florence  966-4825 

This committee takes care of Dawn Lake, Mallard Lake, and the Clubhouse.
  dawn lake
Printed three times per year, the Newsletter is sent out to every member.
Nominating Presents nominations for Board positions and administers elections
Fern Johnson 966 4611
The Clubhouse is available for rental for $100 per day for members. There is also a $100 refundable cleaning deposit.
Social Committee Linda Conforti  742-5108

The Social Committee plans the picnics and parties for the Association.
Welcoming Don Florence 966-4825 

Lushmeadows would like to welcome you to the neighborhood with a special informational packet!
 Website Administers and updates website as needed.