Board of Directors


An invitation to join your neighbors and friends at our Board of Directors monthly meetings to foster community spirit, and open communication to address issues and concerns.

We meet the second Wednesday of the month, 7pm at the Clubhouse.


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Current Newsletter

Lushmeadows Fire Safety

Lushmeadows Restored Sign


Gussie needs your help. We need to get the new wood chips moved into the playground.


So we've scheduled a workday Tuesday November 25th, 9am at the Dawn Lake playground to move the wood chips.  Please bring shovels, rakes, wheel barrow or whatever you can.


Email -  A Great Way to Keep Informed!


Our Newsletter is produced three times per year and is full of great information and important dates.  But many activities fall in

between the publishing dates and we rely on members to keep their eyes posted on the bulletin boards at each entrance.  


With Day-Light Savings Time upon us, many drivers will not be able to see the boards as they drive by in the dark.  So we would love to send out special emailings on up-coming activities such as Sal's Night, Dinners, Special Events by email.  If you are interested in the Social Committee sending you special emails on our activities, please send us your email  or the Social Chairman Tina Rios at


Sal's Taco Wagon Night

Sal's Taco truck has been visiting Lushmeadows' once a month! Sal's schedule is forever changing.   We will not always have Sal's the same Friday each month.  Please keep an eye out for Sal's banners at the entrances four days prior to his Friday Taco Wagon Night.  The winter months he will be at the Clubhouse from 5-7 p.m. In order for Sal's to keep coming he has to break even so please come dine with us whenever possible.



Hazard Mitigation Flier from Mariposa County Emergency Planner

Lushmeadows Full Reserve Study Draft


Come Share the Beauty of Lushmeadows

dawn lake

With family, friends, and neighbors.
Climb our hills, share woodland paths
with deer, and all creatures
Great and small.
Enjoy our lakes, and
Birds of the air.
Come share evening skies splashed
With crimson sunsets,
Moon drenched meadows,
Starlit nights,
Majestic storms.



Kidding Around at Dawn Lake Playground


Gussie Kidd reports that at least 15 families are attending the pre-school playgroup on Monday mornings at the playground. Several grandparents are coming with their grandchildren now. The group had a summer camp out at the lake. If you would like to attend, just show up any Monday with your baby/toddler/pre-schooler. The fun starts at 10:30am at the Dawn Lake Playground!

apple orchard

An Apple Orchard

The Lushmeadows Ranch Barns were built by the Preston Foundation of Los Angeles in 1943. The plan was to have a mountain dairy and milking barn and sell "exotic milk" in Los Angeles. It did not happen. The Barns were then sold to a judge and two lawyers out of Los Angeles who used it as a playground.... more

Important Phone Numbers

LM Clubhouse: 209 966 4611

Gate Key Information: Any Director

Propane - Campora: 559 683 4648
(Lushmeadows group rate)

Dist 4
Supervisor - Kevin Cann: 209 966 3222

Dist 5
Supervisor - John Carrier: 209 966 3222

Lushmeadows Association, Inc
5979 Meadow Lane
Mariposa, CA 95338